Brexit Book Review

This review is by former Europe Editor of Guardian, Martin Walker

Martin Walker, former Europe editor of The Guardian review’s Brexit: How Britain Will Leave Europe by Denis MacShane (17 March 2015)

Denis Macshane was the best Minister for Europe any British government ever appointed. He knows the cultures, languages and the main political and business personalities of key countries and has probably written and certainly thought more about Europe and Britain’s role in it than anyone of his generation. This book, on the serious and growing prospect of Britain leaving the EU, is a book he probably hoped he would never have to write. But the prospect of Brexit now looms before us, and the reasons why and the price that Europe and Britain would pay for a British departure have never been so thoughtfully nor so clearly explained. A passionate pro-European, Macshane has nonetheless written a remarkably fair-minded and judicious assessment that should be read not only by Britain’s political class but by every voter who can cast a ballot in what looks like an inevitable referendum.

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