Anyone Still in Favour of Staying in Europe

Wolfgang Munchau in the FT follows Michael Gove and Philip Hammond in saying the UK can live outside the EU. That is a truism. But after Nigel Lawson and Michael Portillo last week who is making the case to stay in Europe other than the two M – Michael Heseltine and Peter Mandelson – both big political beasts but no longer young cubs seeking to the lion kings.

Offhand I cannot think of any recent parallel in which cabinet ministers openly defied the prime minister’s policy – namely that the UK should stay in the EU but on different terms. Even if that is a wish and not an easily realisable policy, it remains the stated official position of HMG. But two of the most senior cabinet ministers say they would want a referendum asap and vote to leave.

All these development reinforce my view that a Brexit is now more not less likely. No-one has woken up to what this means



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