Scottish Vote Will Hit Europe

Statement by former Europe Minister, Denis MacShane


If Scotland votes to leave the British union most EU governments will see this as a forerunner of England leaving the European Union. The EU is in a centrifugal even disintegrative mood and few will thank the Scottish nationalist separatists for destroying the United Kingdom. Scotland as a new nation state will have to join the queue of other small recently formed European nations like Serbia and Kosovo and negotiate EU membership . A condition of entering the EU is joining the Euro. All 28 member states would have to ratify Scotland being in the EU and Spain would have real problems as a vote to amputate Scotland would be seen as the perfect precedent for Catalonia to break up Spain. Brussels might well ask for a second confirmation referendum as in Ireland or Denmark when new treaties were rejected. A Yes vote in Scotland would plunge Europe into an angry crisis with anger also directed at Westminster elites who allowed this to happen.

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