Why Farage Will Not Work With ‘Toxic” Front National

Why Farage Will Not Work with Marine Le Pen

In refusing to enter into an alliance with the FN and PVV a few months ago Nigel Farage said he would not do so because of “embedded antisemitism” in the FN. He returned to the accusation after the EP election in the UK when he said:

“However impressive Marine Le Pen is, the Front National carries toxic baggage,” the Ukip leader said. “The best example is the comments by Jean-Marie Le Pen earlier this week.”  Nigel Farage 23 May

Farage is referring Jean Marie Le Pen’s statement last week that the Ebola virus would solve immigration questions (by killing immigrants)

Speaking on Tuesday night in Marseille shortly before a joint rally with Marine Le Pen, his daughter and current party leader, Mr Le Pen, 85, said: “There is a demographic explosion in the world and a risk of submersion. A replacement of (the national population) is under way.”

However, he added: “Monsieur Ebola can solve the problem in three months.”


On FN’s anti-semitism


Lucas Hartong, the most senior MEP for Mr Wilders’ PVV refused to campaign in the EU elections because he warned last month that the link with the Front National and the Austrian far-Right was wrong and would prove to be an electoral disaster.

“I am not at all surprised at the result. It’s what I warned of. I think there will be an internal fight now, people will want to work with Farage and to drop Le Pen,” he said.

“These parties have a tendency to anti-Semitism.”

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