Why National Egoism Should Not Undermine Human Rights

This letter was sent to The Times in response to one from Lord Jeremy Huttchinson QC

Dear Lord Hutchinson

Thank you for your letter in The Times today. It was a salutary reminder for someone, whose dead father took a Nazi bullet in order to create a Europe in which higher rule of law would obtain over national egoism.

I was sorry to read your quote from Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court, who I respect, about British people not liking superior European law. I am sure there are many of the ruling class in Ukraine or Russia and elsewhere who are nominal signatories to the ECHR who make the same point that their national law should not be held to account.

I will copy this letter to Lord Neuberger but such as the reversion to pre-1939 national populism in so many of the legislative-economic-media elites in European countries I doubt my small protest will have any effect.

Those who ignore history are sadly condemned to relive it.

Thank you for your good and true words.

Yours sincerely            Dr Denis MacShane

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