Why a Kosovan Can, Should Play for England

This was written in response to an article written by David Papineau, Professor of Philosophy at Kings College London.
Adnan Januzaj Should Play for England As Long as Kosovo Is Denied the Right to Play International Football by Russia, Spain and others.

This was written in response to a comment by David Papineau, Professor of Philosophy at Kings College London www.davidpapineau.co.uk/blog.html

What is a nationality and what is citizenship? Who decides? Adnan Januzaj? What passport will he use should Manchester United ever again play in Europe? As immigrant phobia rises to new heights whipped up by Government ministers telling us to shop an immigrant we see our football and rugby teams stuffed full of, eh, immigrant workers. Perhaps as we are all EU citizens even the Queen we should all be able to play for what – Europe? Only in golf. Otherwise nation uber alles prevails. The UK is very bad and confused. British Lions incorporate players from a foreign republic. But once a Brit leaves home he becomes an unperson in terms of UK citizenship rights. In contrast US or French citizens remains French or American when abroad and vote in US/French elections (France has deput├ęs who represent French citizens overseas). Britain strips citizenship rights from Brits living overseas very quickly. So if you come to be born or live in England you cannot be British and if you live or are born of British parents abroad we cannot wait to remove your citizenship. This is a reflection of a fearful country unsure of its identity and still 60 years after Acheson searching for a role. The paradox of Kosovo is that while Gibraltar is a member of EUFA as well as other nations that are not states (Wales or N ireland) Kosovo is denied the chance play international football because it is not a UN member state. (Gib got in before the UN status was added to UEFA rules). Kosovo is blocked by Russia and some EU member states like Spain and the pro-Serb orthodox church influenced Greece and Cyprus. So Kosovan athletes of international status have to find other countries to represent – often Albania and now Switzerland which took in the highest level of Kosovans fleeing from Serb genocide in the 1990s. It would be great if Adnan could play for England and then to see him scoring goals against Spain and Russia and other football teams whose governments deny Kosovo its right to full status as an independent nation state.

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