European Defence without Germany – FT

This was published in the Financial Times today (26 September) in response to an interesting article in yesterday’s paper by the former French ambassador to the UK, GĂ©rad Errara.

Gerard Errera is right that Britain and France should take a joint lead in promoting Europe’s defence capability though whether endless Suez remakes in Arab countries is wise remains an open question. (Syria shows why Europe needs to flex more muscle Sept 25)
In fact, London and Paris were ready to endorse the merger of BAE systems and EADS to create a genuine European defence industry world firm but it was torpedoed by Mrs Merkel who is keener on Vorsicht – caution – in foreign and defence policy – rather than Vorsprung – moving forward.
The European Coal and Steel community was shaped without Britain in the 1950s. Now might a European defence community be shaped without Germany or at least until such time Berlin is willing to help forge a stronger voice for Europe in foreign and security fields?

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